Pacific Islands Cultural Workshop – cancelled

Update February 2, 2016:

Ae, e kala mai kākou.

We are sorry to have to postpone. We will try again.

We’re reevaluating our marketing strategy…only 5 people signed up. It’s not really fair to plan such a wonderful all day event and ask kumu to come and share their mana`o, even though we know they would. These five people are very important to us as are the rest of the community.

We must do better and bring viable sustainable cultural programs to the community. We humbly ask for your patience while we learn and grow from this experience.


Lono Kollars

Well, I have to say with heartfelt sadness, the board decided we have to cancel our Pacific Islands Cultural Workshops.

Even though a ton of people said they would be there, we had to look at the numbers for registrations and they weren’t there…so sorry. Hope this isn’t an inconvenience to any of you.

Mahalo and fa’afetai tele,

Rose Laolagi